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Budget-Financed Healthcare Institution of Omsk Region


Clinical Cardiology Dispensary


Clinical Cardiology Dispensary, a Healthcare Institution of Omsk Region, is a three-level medical organization that provides specialized healthcare services, including high-tech medical care, in 11 areas of expertise that fall within cardiovascular surgery and rheumatology. We provide medical care under the License for Medical Practice No.  LO-55-01-002734 dated  august 20, 2020.

The hospital consists of a consulting clinic for 100 visits per shift with a day patient treatment unit for 30 beds, a genetic consultation unit, audiology department, four specialty departments of full-time inpatient facilities for 180 beds, a 60-bed primary vascular care unit, seven diagnostic and paraclinic units.

The clinic provides about 120,000 consultations in rheumatology for adults and children per year. Outpatient wards ensure follow-up care for 2,500 patients annually, 50% of whom are watched after coronary stenting. About 6,000 patients a year receive hospital care in cardiology and neurology profiles, and 2,000 of them are patients with the primary vascular unit admitted for emergency care with acute coronary syndrome or cerebrovascular diseases. The department of interventional radiology tests and care handles invasive (catheter-based) diagnostics and endovascular treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases in adults. In 2020, we conducted 1525 diagnostic tests, 960 therapeutic interventions, including 885 cases of high-tech medical care provided (663 coronary stenting procedures and 222 cardio pacemaker implantations).

The hospital performs a wide range of diagnostic tests and medical treatments and procedures. There is an option to receive treatment in a single or double room (superior rooms) with extra medical supervision.


Korennova Olga

Chief Medical Officer